Crunch Vs Planet Fitness: Which Gym Is Right For You?

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Crunch Vs Planet Fitness: Which Gym Is Right For You?
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When it comes to choosing a gym, two popular options that often come up are Crunch and Planet Fitness. Both gyms offer affordable membership options and a range of amenities, but they have distinct differences that may impact your decision. In this article, we will compare Crunch and Planet Fitness in terms of membership costs, equipment and facilities, classes and programs, and overall atmosphere to help you determine which gym is the right fit for you.

Membership Costs

One of the primary factors to consider when choosing a gym is the cost of membership. Crunch and Planet Fitness both offer budget-friendly options, but the specific pricing may vary depending on location.

Crunch offers different membership tiers, including Basic, Peak, and Peak Results. The Basic membership starts at $9.95 per month and provides access to one location, while the Peak and Peak Results memberships offer additional benefits such as guest privileges and access to all Crunch locations.

On the other hand, Planet Fitness is known for its low-cost membership options. Their standard membership starts at just $10 per month, with the Black Card membership costing $22.99 per month and providing additional perks like unlimited guest privileges and access to amenities like tanning and massage chairs.

Equipment and Facilities

When it comes to equipment and facilities, both Crunch and Planet Fitness offer a range of options to cater to different fitness needs.

Crunch is known for its diverse selection of workout equipment, including cardio machines, strength training equipment, and free weights. They also have specialized areas like functional training zones and group fitness studios.

Planet Fitness, on the other hand, focuses more on providing a judgment-free environment for beginners and casual gym-goers. Their gym equipment is generally more basic compared to Crunch, but they still offer a variety of cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights.

Classes and Programs

If you’re someone who enjoys group fitness classes or specialized programs, this is an important aspect to consider.

Crunch offers a wide range of classes, including Zumba, yoga, cycling, HIIT, and more. They also have specialized programs like personal training and small group training for those looking for more personalized guidance.

Planet Fitness, on the other hand, primarily focuses on their signature “PF 30-Minute Express Circuit” which is a full-body workout that targets different muscle groups. They also offer occasional group classes, but the selection may vary depending on the location.

Overall Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere of a gym can greatly impact your motivation and enjoyment of your workout sessions.

Crunch is known for its energetic and vibrant atmosphere, with motivating music, colorful interiors, and a diverse community of members. They often host special events and challenges to keep their members engaged.

Planet Fitness, on the other hand, prides itself on creating a non-intimidating and judgment-free zone. They have a “Lunk Alarm” that goes off if someone grunts or drops weights loudly to maintain a non-intimidating environment.


1. Is Crunch more expensive than Planet Fitness?

No, Crunch offers membership options starting at $9.95 per month, while Planet Fitness starts at $10 per month.

2. Do Crunch and Planet Fitness have personal trainers?

Yes, both gyms offer personal training services, but Crunch has a wider range of personalized training options available.

3. Can I use my Crunch membership at any location?

It depends on the membership tier you choose. The Basic membership provides access to one location, while the Peak and Peak Results memberships offer access to all Crunch locations.

4. Does Planet Fitness offer group fitness classes?

While Planet Fitness primarily focuses on their signature circuit workout, they do offer occasional group fitness classes, but the availability may vary.

5. Which gym is better for beginners?

Planet Fitness is often considered more beginner-friendly due to its judgment-free atmosphere and basic equipment options.

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